System Training

With any system, proper training is needed to assure the success of an implementation. But training must go beyond simple software instruction. To create a sustainable solution, procedural instruction must be provided as well and be delivered in a concise, comprehensible form.

Our approach begins with professional instructors who have in-depth knowledge of asset management and AssetWIN in addion to extensive field inventory experience. Then we concentrate on the content:

  • Data Usage
    We guide you through the setup of AssetWIN data tables to make certain that your usage of the application optimizes system design and provides the easiest user experience.
  • System Training
    We present the mechanics of system operation in a straightforward manner based on the technical level of the audience.
  • Inventory Process
    We make certain that your staff knows how to conduct the inventory, identify errors, correct them and even avoid them in the future.  We will also cover scanner usage and troubleshooting.
  • Audits
    Auditing is an important component for asset management and we guide you through the process.
  • Procedures
    Finally, we discuss the procedures you will need to have in place to assure the success of your asset management efforts.  We know that weak administrative controls can compromise the best implementations and we work with you to avoid that fate.

We offer training options based on your needs. Generally, it is one of two options.

  • On-Site Training is designed for clients initially implementing asset management, who require comprehensive training on AssetWIN®, or need to have multiple personnel trained in a single session. Each session is customized to the client’s specific use.
  • Internet-Based Training is designed for a single user who will operate AssetWIN® at a basic level. Internet-based training is also provided to existing users who require follow-up training, or have new employees who will be operating an existing AssetWIN installation.

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Learn About Our AssetWIN training for the Department of Defense

Because the client’s system operated 24/7, taking the client’s staff out of production for an extended period was impossible. Therefore, training was staged over several days and our support personnel were stationed at critical points in the facility to answer any questions or troubleshoot any problems that occurred.

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